My favourite easter activity

For other people the highlight of Easter is the food and searching for chocolate eggs. I love the Danish tradition of making and sending “Gækkebreve”(easter letters). This is a small selection of the ones I didn’t send this year. I also have a strong passion for snow flakes and i’m beginning to see the resemblance. In both gækkebreve and snow flakes there will never be two alike and the variations kan keep going forever.






Leather course in Skals

A couple of weeks ago I went to a leather course. I ended up meeting interesting new people who were also interested in creating things with their hands. It all resulted in lots of new skills and techniques, a pair op selfmade sandals!!, a wall basket, a belt, key hangers.

Sandals in the making


Multi purpose sandals. I designed the sandals so you are able to wear them as a flipflop, without the strap around the heel or as a normal sandal with the strap.

Wall basket for whatever you need stored